Brief Note about Peacock College of Education

The Peacock College of Education Jalingo is a private initiative aimed at anchoring the current efforts of government to widen the scope of opportunitues available to the teaming youths who are in search of knowledge. The idea of this initiative was conceived by Senator A.A Ibrahim as one of the significant ways to rally the support of some of the senior members of the public for the support of establishing a generally beneficial project by way of giving back to the society for what it has done towards the socio-economic upliftment of the said class of personalities.

Hence the objectives of establishing the college are as follows:

1. To help in bridging the huge educational gap especially by providing the neccsssary skilled teachers to reduce the dearth of teaching staff in the
state's primary and junior secondary schools.
2. To key into the current efforts towards establishing a public/private partnership in the socio-economic development of the country.
3. Help to generate employment opportunities in the state.
4. Giving back to the society a little from the enormous contributions it has made towards making members attain their various achievements in life
4. To add to the aggregate stock of capital assets in the state.

Peacock College of Education (RC 1243018) is situated inside the heart of Jalingo, Taraba state, along the Premier FMC Hospital, Jalingo. It has well structured and conducive lecture rooms, well equipped sciences and home economics laboratories, Computer Based Center (CBT), well furnished Library, stable power supply amongst others to provide a conducive and convenient study environment for the students.

There are five (5) Schools in the College viz; School of Education, School of Sciences, School of Arts, Social Sciences & Languages, School of Vocational Education and School of Continuing Education, which comprises the Pre-NCE, Remedials and IJMB programmes.